Meisner | Method 6 Week with Mark Christian


Lee Strasberg’s “Method Acting” 6 - Week Course $375 ($275 if you register before May 28)

We will begin class with relaxation and sense memory exercises to release the tension from the body and to become aware of the emotions within the body physically, sensorially, emotionally. 

The sense memory will connect the actor to all five senses (touch, smell, taste, sound and sight). You will learn how to bring up emotions using past experiences (at least 7yrs old) utilizing emotional memory. 

We will briefly discuss character work within script analysis as we work on scenes.  

Sanford Meisner

Meisner Technique 6 - Week Course - $375 ($275 if you register before May 28

In this class we will solely utilize the technique and exercises developed by Sanford Meisner. 

This technique will help you truly become your character by living in the moment and experiencing what they’ve experienced in order to create a raw, truthful, organic and real character with have empathy. 

You will learn how to listen and react off of the partner’s behavior and become open and vulnerable & have a feeling and express that feeling with your point of view.

Next we will work on Repetition exercises to allow you to react off the other’s behavior. 

Then we will move into Independent Activity incorporating the repetition and the other 4 phases of the activity. (Simple, Specific, Imaginary, Life and Death). 

The Final portion will be the 3 moment exercise which consists of : 1) Ask partner a personal question 2) Repeat the question from your point of view 3) Express it to your partner (feeling). 


We will conclude with scene work utilizing a memorization technique called the “ROTE” method. 





Method: WED 1-5PM

Meisner: FRI   6-9PM


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