But in her heart she'd always harbored dreams to one day become an actress. She grew up in a small town called Marble Falls. She used to watch old black and white movies because that was all her families tv could pick up, and from the moment she saw Shirley Temple, a little girl with curls just like she had, she was inspired and KNEW that she could be an actress and inspire others the way she'd been. She got involved in every school production she could, took band and played the clarinet. She begged her parents to enroll her in ballet and tap classes and loved every moment she had a chance to perform. She told her mother she wanted to become and actress, but once they moved to Houston in her Freshman year of high school, they quickly learned that the business was much more difficult to enter back then and as she transitioned into adulthood, she soon set aside her dreams for the reality of where her life had taken her.



But she knew that God hadn't sent her these opportunities by accident. And in spite of the fact that she had no real support, out of concern and love for her well-being, from those she trusted and loved the most, she knew that if she didn't try she would forever wonder "what if".





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